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First Wet Commute - Equiraptor's Journal
First Wet Commute
Today was my first commute on the motorcycle with any amount precipitation. On the way in, it was just a spotty drizzle, but there was a strong drizzle/light shower on the way home. Frankly, I'm terrified. I've only lost traction on the bike a couple of times in the dry, and I'm terrified that even a slight loss of traction in the wet will mean going down. Before I had the bike, I had this feeling in the back of my mind that leaning would mean the bike would fall... even in a corner. Logically, I know this isn't the case. I understand the physics of why the bike leans. But I still had an irrational fear. I'm working through this fear bit by bit, gradually cornering faster and leaning more. In the dry, I no longer have this irrational fear. It's true that I don't corner quickly and don't lean significantly as a result, but I'm not silly-slow in the corner anymore. Pushing dry cornering can be saved for the track.

But today it was wet. And I truly do not understand how much grip this bike, on these tires, has to offer in the wet. My knowledge, my certainty that the bike can handle significant speed and significant lean doesn't exist in the wet. As a result, I'm back to the "lean is scary" perspective. I took things slow and easy, giving smooth inputs and staying far from the limits. I didn't have any slip, but I was a bit slow through the bends.

I also found the control for the grip warmers on the bike. Yes, it has grip warmers. Yes, I'm a pansy. No, I didn't install the grip warmers, but since they're there, I'm sure going to use them! My jacket got a bit wet, but the wet liner was in it, so I stayed dry. There wasn't enough precipitation for me to need the wet liner on the pants. I arrived dry, both on my way to and from work. All in all, it was a relatively mild introduction to wet riding.
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