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Suzuki SV650 - Equiraptor's Journal
Suzuki SV650
Well, I've gone and done it.

Today I bought a Suzuki SV650. I copied the craigslist ad to my server (minus contact info, etc.). I love the mirrors on it. Great visibility, well positioned, very nice. The bike sounds great, too. After Adam (a biker friend in town) rode the bike home for me, we went driving around the neighborhood practicing. I probably spent about 3 hours on the bike, and successfully navigated the area streets, including Richmond and Shepherd. Low speed is still a bit iffy - the bike's a bit tall for me, so I'm stretching to reach the ground. I can make do, but I'd be more stable with the bike lowered a bit. I also need more time in corners. The bike is pretty twitchy, so corners are still intimidating to me. Road humps (the ~20mph kind) are an absolute blast on the bike, though.

A few more pictures of the bike (some with my helmet) are in my gallery.
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