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I want one of these... - Equiraptor's Journal
I want one of these...
Singer 911

nugget bought a GT3 RS recently and I had the opportunity to track it at Harris Hill Road. I really enjoyed tracking that car. I enjoyed the rear engined chassis and the general 911 setup of Nugget's previous C2S Cab, but a few things about that car just weren't right for me. The GT3 RS fixes almost all of them. There's just one thing it doesn't fix: It's still big.

Putting modern guts in (on? around? vaguely resembling?) an old 911 helps. Ok, it's still longer than my current Miata, but the wheelbase is shorter and it has less width.

I had such a great time throwing the GT3 RS around the track. And it's a 911, so you throw it around the track. I can only imagine what an older 911 reborn with modern abilities could do. I just might never come home again.
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