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Little Brothers - Equiraptor's Journal
Little Brothers
I'm an only child. One of my friends from college isn't. For some reason, her little brother (one year younger than her and me) has decided I am the greatest thing on the face of the planet. Get a life, weirdo. O, wait, you live in Lampasas, there's nothing out there. O well.

He's learned that I'm a computer geek. He messaged me tonight, asking if I knew anywhere (in Lampasas) to buy Bawls. I didn't (obviously), and so he asked if I was "devistated when HL2 was pushed back." Uhhh... What's HL2? He told me, and asked if I was more waiting for Doom 3. What you don't know is I have to tell him every time he messages me, that I am not a gaming geek, I'm a computer geek, and there is a difference! *sigh* I am soooooo glad I don't have a little brother.

Current Mood: aggravated aggravated
Current Music: computer fans

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decibel45 From: decibel45 Date: September 16th, 2003 03:13 am (UTC) (Link)
Sounds like horse has a not-so-secret s3kr3t admirer!

equiraptor From: equiraptor Date: September 16th, 2003 04:01 pm (UTC) (Link)

Went through that. Told him he'd never stand a chance, now go away. He kept bugging me. He seemed to have gotten the picture for a bit, but about once every three months he messages me with some excuse for why I should go up there to see him. This time it was to bring him Bawls. It's never happened, and it's never going to happen. He knows it, he just keeps trying.
decibel45 From: decibel45 Date: September 16th, 2003 04:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
/me scratches Bawls off his list of pick-up lines...
(Deleted comment)
equiraptor From: equiraptor Date: September 16th, 2003 04:07 am (UTC) (Link)
daswiesel From: daswiesel Date: September 16th, 2003 01:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
TheWeasel too!
deathwire From: deathwire Date: September 16th, 2003 02:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
You should tell the kid that if he wants to get hot computer chicks, he needs to meet them on evercrack.


by the way, I used to be a gaming nerd, but not so much in the past few years because: software game companies charge too much money; they are too lazy to port to platforms that I use; and nobody plays the games I play anymore.
I hear that halflife 2 has some inovative ideas, but they probably won't port it to anything but windows and maybe the xbox.
xulong From: xulong Date: September 19th, 2003 09:59 am (UTC) (Link)
what's wrong with windows, besides the fact that microsoft probably charges way too much for it?

if you want to say somethin about all the security holes, think about this - is microsoft charging for them? does not microsoft go about a way to notify people about them?

most of the problems stemming from security holes (blaster worm for example) are caused by people believing that software you buy is immune to failure. a full month passed between the ms patch and the blaster worm.

as for me, I'll stick to quake 1. it wasn't really improved in quake 2 or 3, unfortunately. and dm6 is the best map ever designed.

oh yeah. xbox was the biggest waste of money. I shouldn't have spent $400 on that piece of shit. I have yet to see one game worth playing through on that platform. I love my ps2. I probably should've spent $400 on a gamecube so that my wife could play zelda and sonic.
xulong From: xulong Date: September 19th, 2003 10:00 am (UTC) (Link)
probably and fact in the same sentence - damn I'm tired.

stupid ranting mood :D
equiraptor From: equiraptor Date: September 19th, 2003 02:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
I have quite a few problems with Microsoft.

1) MS could charge $50 for it and still make a profit (I don't remember where I head that, it may be wrong).

2) I don't have a problem with the existence of security holes, everything will have some (see openssh from the past few days). I don't expect a company to charge for security patches, which they don't. However, I do expect a system to choose secure defaults -- no operating system should be shipped with those ports open, the RFC ports. If you want to be able to use them, you should have to know how to open them, and the hope is if you're capable of that, you know to patch your system and run a virus scanner. People shouldn't have to know things about a system for it to be secure by default.

Other problems with MS involve their lack of creativity / innovation. Nearly everything they add, they've stolen from somewhere else, from the GUI which came from Apple, who stole it from Xerox, to disk compression (I don't remember the company they killed while stealing that one, but it's there). That's how MS works. Take others' good ideas, and since they're the biggest company, overwhelm the others, then do a lower quality implementation than the original company would have done.

As far as Windows itself, I just don't like the way it handles things. I don't like a GUI with a start button, icons, or taskbar. I want multiple desktops. I want a wider range of configuration than Windows allows. And I don't feel it's safe to put one of the other shells available out there on top of the Windows core. I want a system that's built for security, to the point of sometimes making other things difficult (which is part of why I don't really like Red Hat, either -- their desktop systems are getting much, much easier, but less configurable unless you start really messing with stuff, and with more there by default. The more you install, the greater your security risk).

Basically, the only area where Windows meets my needs is as a gaming platform, and as soon as they make good car racing games for Linux, Windows is essentially worthless to me.
deathwire From: deathwire Date: September 19th, 2003 04:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
>what's wrong with windows, besides the fact that microsoft probably charges way too much for it?

There's many things wrong with windows. The Operating System is pretty undocumented, breaks a few standards, it's slow, unreliable, not too flexible, the UI is annoying and not configurable (though you could run a different desktop like lite step, and write applications using different widgets), their security policies suck, most of the programs don't come with source code so you have to be an elite reverse engineer like Amatus if you want to fix some bug or add a feature, the driver support pretty much sucks (though it apears to be getting better with newer versions probably because of microsoft demanding better quality drivers from vendors or maybe writing them themselves since everyone always complains about constant blue screen of deaths). I guess the main reason it sucks is because the kernel isn't open source and flexible, and the licenses takes away most of your civil rights.

>as for me, I'll stick to quake 1. it wasn't really improved in quake 2 or 3, unfortunately. and dm6 is the best map ever designed.

Do you play quakeworld by chance? I used to play on a quake.smart-nap.net (spelling?) with a few other local people (it was 3 hops away on my texas.net dialup). It was an awesome server until Tim moved to Puerto Rico or whatever and became a born again christian and realized the truth that id software is a pawn of satan and quake is a tool to cause people to worship satan or something like that.
Anyways, sometimes I run a quakeworld server on downtown.austin2600.org runnning thunderwalker ctf, rocket arena, pain keep, and team fortress (not megaTF, I hate that). Normally I only run it when I'm working on my quakeworld bot that I've wrote pretty much from scratch (I included some md4 and crc functions from the gpl'ed release of quakeworld cause they added those features in a new release in order to stop 'cheaters'. They'd probably consider me to be a 'cheater' since I'd rather have a bot made by myself play for me instead of playing myself.)
oh and I used to be in a TF clan called 'dark angels' which merged with 'wolves' to create 'dark wolves'.... and I think there was a different clan after that. That was back when clanners where all computer nerds, before all the jocks had started playing online computer games.
puella From: puella Date: September 19th, 2003 05:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
This has nothing to do with your entry, just a question cos I saw something that you posted in austin community.

I have a laptop (fairly new 2002 vaio) that I keep running 24/7. Do you think this might create any problems? Should I start turning it off at night?
equiraptor From: equiraptor Date: September 19th, 2003 05:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
If it's idle (not running any CPU intesive programs) and there's nothing against any of the vent holes, it should be fine. If it feels really hot in the morning, turning it off at night would probably be good for it, but if it never feels real hot, it's fine.

The reason leaving laptops on 24/7 is dangerous is many simply do not have adequate cooling. Some don't have fans at all. If the laptop doesn't get hot, you're fine (and hot means painful to touch, typically). Any CPU can overheat. It was a risk while I was running my desktop in an unairconditioned house in the summer, but I kept an eye on it, felt the case and the air comming out of the fan, and it never got much hotter than the room air. My box came out fine.

So, as with so many other things about computers, keep an eye on the beast. :)
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