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Flying - Equiraptor's Journal
dbaker recently got his pilot's license, so this evening, he, Nugget, and I flew to Dallas for Steak 'n Shake. It was my first time on a non-commercial flight, and it was wonderful. First, we flew out to Lago Vista, which afforded some great views of the lake. We stopped for fuel and sodas. I liked the Lago Vista airport... Small, lots of planes sitting around, and beautiful wildflowers.

After refueling, we pushed the plane back (you have to push it backwards, no reverse). There was a slight hill just behind the gas tank, which made pushing the plane interesting, but it was executed well. we taxied to the end of the runway, and took off again. The take offs weren't as exciting as they are in commercial jets... not as much force to them, but they were still incredibly fun.

They view from the plane was incredible; I loved watching the fields and the lakes roll by. Soooo much better than the view out of a car. :) It was also nice to hear all the radio chatter. Very interesting.

After landing at Arlington Municipal, we took the courtesy car to go to Steak 'n Shake. We managed to get a little lost on the way, but it didn't take long to get there. The food was wonderful, as were the malts. On the way back to the airport, the sunset was beautiful. We hopped back in the plane, and took off behind a Cessna 152. We flew past downtown Dallas to Love Field, and did a touch and go. Flying past downtown at just past sunset was wonderful. All the lights were on, but there was still just enough light to see easily. It was the perfect time. The touch and go was very interesting... I'd like to experience more of those.

We then made our way back to Austin, mostly in the dark. It was much easier to see other planes around us at night because of the lights. The scenery was much lest distinct though. It was a very peaceful trip back, at least for me. When we reached AUS, a Bonanza was scheduled to land in front of us. It was moving fairly slowly, for a Bonanza, and we were moving quickly for a Skyhawk, so we had to do some S turns to slow us down. That was fun. :-)

Overall, the trip was wonderful. I would _love_ to do it again. Thanks guys for a wonderful evening!!!

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