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No Vroom? - Equiraptor's Journal
No Vroom?
I had a wonderful day today.

I had a gloriously lazy morning. After waking up at 7-something, I came up to the couch and not-quite-slept until 9-something. I then threw on some clothes, put my hair up, and went of to John's Georgetown shop for a Spokes tech day. I spent some time talking with the guys, got two more 18" wheels, and got to thrash a Cayman. I was grinning as I drove home and picked up some Wendy's. I tried the new spicy asian chicken thingy. I'm sure it was horribly unhealthy, but I had a salad with it, which I'm pretending has some redeeming qualities. And I enjoyed it.

I then went off to Harris Hill Road. There was a Porsche club event there that day and Nugget was already there spectating. I took mopac (a freeway called "Loop 1" on most maps, even though it isn't a loop), and multiple times, the entire freeway came to a complete stop. I never saw any collisions or signs of any, so I don't understand why we had to stop. Oh well, whatever. I finally made it to H2R and the people at the entrance told me to park on the grass. I wasn't fond of this idea, as my car's pretty low, and the grassy area had an irregular surface. But the car handled it well.

As I wandered toward the clubhouse I was distracted by a dog. While I don't want to own a dog, I love playing with 'em, so I stopped to say hi. The dog's owner has a 996 C2, and used to have a Miata. We had plenty to talk about. :D After I realized I'd been sitting there for some time, and had arrived at site later than I'd told Nugget to expect me, I thought perhaps he might be worried about me so I went off to find him. Instead I found Eric. Eric seemed really glad to see me there, which of course made me feel great! I mentioned my worry about Nugget worrying, so Eric said he'd let Nugget know if he saw him. I was distracted with another conversation, and another conversation, and another conversation. I really enjoy talking with car people. Nugget found me, and we went and said hi to Bo. Bo greeted me with a great bear hug. It's been a while since someone's hugged me and picked me up in the process, and yet again, I was pleased by the enthusiastic greeting.

I basically just wandered around talking to people until we decided it was getting cold and we were getting hungry, so we left. I didn't drive on the track. I didn't ride with anyone. I wouldn't have thought I'd enjoy a day where I did nothing but talk with people, but I had a wonderful day.
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