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Self Contradiction? - Equiraptor's Journal
Self Contradiction?
Some days, I throw on whatever t-shirt is clean and some jeans and head to work. Some days, I actually pick out something to wear. Today, I picked out something. A cute shirt with coordinating earrings and necklace. I put my hair up in a pretty style with a hairstick.

Then, at work, I decided I'd attach the rear sway bar on my car. I wanted some more oversteer. So I grabbed a socket wrench and 14mm socket, threw on a big sweatshirt, and crawled under the car and attached it. Took off the sweatshirt, washed my hands, fixed my hair, put on my nice jacket. I went to lunch and played with the car a bit. Decided it wasn't as oversteery as I wanted. Took off the jacket, threw on the sweatshirt, switched the sway bar to the other holes (the swaybar has two sets of holes, so two settings). Getting the sway bar attached with the tighter holes is a lot harder, and I struggled some under the car. When I got back inside the building, I noticed the sweatshirt was covered in dirt. Took it off, went to wash my hands, and discovered I'd gotten my face dirty, too.

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