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Day 3 - Equiraptor's Journal
Day 3
Posted from the iPhone.

Today started earlier than the other days. I worked first heat, which starts at 8:00AM, so I had to be on site quite early. Nugget came with me, and we've both been here all day. Nugget's been very helpful today. He got things done to get the car ready while I was working, helped me changed tires, and was a great "gofer" today.

We were understaffed on the work assignment. There were three of us at the corner I worked, and one person has the flag and radio, one person has a clipboard (writing down each car that passes and what they hit, if anything). That left one person running for cones. We had a fairly clean corner - only a very few cones were hit - so we managed. We weren't the only corner with only three people. I'm not sure how well the others managed.

There was one near incident on the course as we worked. A car (number 14 in H Stock, I believe) went completely the wrong way and ended up coming up the course backward. He almost plowed into a car coming the correct way down the course, at our corner. The guy going the wrong way was unresponsive to attempts to stop him.

Finally, in the afternoon, it was my turn to drive. The ladies of CSPL brought me a welcome bag. It was a wonderful thing to do, and really helped ease my stress. These women maintain a wonderful balance of competitive and friendly spirits. I'm glad to get to run with them.

One my first run today, I hit a sucker cone. I turned in a bit too early, and *thunk*. On my second run, I shifted to third too late, which got me behind. I braked late, pushed out around a turn, and ended up on the wrong line. I had to slam on the brakes, triggering the ABS (yea, no flat spots), and barely recovered. In my resulting frustration, I turned in early (later on the coarse than in my first run), and handily plowed through a cone. This caused further frustration, and I apparently punted a cone with the front of the car while drifting. At least I'm venting in style, right? My final run was both clean and faster than my previous runs. I ended the day in third, eight tenths behind the class leader.

Now, my street tires are back on the car to take us to the hotel tonight, and we're waiting for fifth heat and dinner.
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