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Day 2 - Equiraptor's Journal
Day 2
Today was the second day of runs for the first group of people running. Today was also the day I needed to clean up my car, get stickers on it, and get it tech inspected (make sure the car is healthy enough to run).

Nugget and I slept in, which was fantastic. We made it out to the site around 10:00 AM, lazy us. Tomorrow, I need to be there much earlier, as I need to work first heat. After I work, I'll be changing the tires on my car, making sure my helmet has all the right stickers, and figuring out where my car needs to be for grid. I also need to walk the course - hopefully at least once in the morning before starting to work and at least once between heats 2 and 3 (when the course opens for walking again).

I'm excited, eager, nervous, scared, enthusiastic, impatient... I remembered, last night, on the drive back to the hotel, the sheer joy of throwing my car around a course, playing with the car, playing with the course, not worrying about my time. I need to latch on to that, grab hold of it. I need to keep that joy with me and feel that joy on my runs, rather than feeling like I need to do things right. I've had a lot of kind words from a lot of people. So many have told me I could do well at this event. So many have told me I'm good at this. They mean well, but this makes me feel like there are high expectations of me. I need to stop feeling like this is a test and start enjoying it.
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