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Day 1 - Equiraptor's Journal
Day 1
Today is Tuesday, the first day of racing at the 2008 Solo Nationals. Though I didn't run today, many of the people I knew ran. Some ran on the east course, some on the west course.

To back up a moment for those who don't know, there are two courses at Nationals. They're both set up through the entire event. The people running at Nationals are divided into two groups - the Tuesday / Wednesday group and the Thursday / Friday group. These two groups are then divided by east and west courses. So you get the Tuesday East / Wednesday West, the Tuesday West / Wednesday East, the Thursday East / Friday West, and the Thursday West / Friday East. I'm Thursday West / Friday East.

Lost yet? Good. You know just the beginning of how I feel!

I had a lot of fun today, watching friends drive, talking with people, and just hanging out with all the cars, the vrooming, the seriousness, and the fun. It's great to see an event run with such a balance of rules/procedures and fun. That can be a difficult balance to strike, and I think the many years of Solo Nationals have allowed the Nationals crew to find a good balance.

That said, it takes a lot of work from a lot of people to keep things running well. Spokes is a fairly experienced group, and some of the people take on major roles at Nationals. I got some insight today into the level of work Nationals needs from these people, and the ego-balancing they must do to keep everything running so well.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and I think I'm settling into a pattern that will let me study the course and prepare without making myself overly nervous. I'm eager for tomorrow to come, both for its own sake, and because once it comes and goes, I'll be that much closer to getting to drive, myself!
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