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Insanity - Equiraptor's Journal
Today has been interesting. Lunch was at Rudy's, it was wonderful. Afterwords, I drove over to my parents' to get some stuff to put on my new sandals to make the leather water resistant. I took Spicewood Springs, and there was an NSX on the road. Red. Beautiful. Going slow. Let me pass him. He's insane.

In other insanity news, it's time to put flea stuff on the cats (they go outside, so we have to do something to keep fleas off them). One of our cats does not like to be held, at all. She only likes to be touched if she's in the mood for it, and you pet her gently on her head and neck, and onto her shoulders. Her back is iffy, sometimes it's ok, sometimes not. The other interesting thing about this cat is she has something wrong with her mouth... It doesn't hurt her at all, but if she bites someone, they will get a rather bad infection. So, we have to hold the cat still long enough to empty a tube off stuff on her, and not get bitten in the process. Wee. I managed to pin her (poor girl), and mother put the stuff on her. Thankfully, she ran away when I released her, instead of turning on me. All is well. Her fleas will be gone, and no one was badly hurt. I have a cut on my knee from moving to fast on concrete, and she did manage to scratch my hand, but nothing major.

Current Mood: bouncy bouncy
Current Music: Queens of the Stone Age - Go with the Flow

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madcowmoomoo From: madcowmoomoo Date: August 19th, 2003 06:26 am (UTC) (Link)
She only likes to be touched if she's in the mood for it

wow...moody cat there ;-)
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