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Baseball - Equiraptor's Journal
My family are big Longhorn sports fans. Most of the people in my family who have been to college have spent at least 2 of their college years at the University of Texas at Austin. So, my parents and grandparents are season ticket holders for UT football and baseball. Last year, the Longhorn baseball team won the College World Series, proving themselves the best college baseball team in the US. Now, they're back to try again.

Should UT make it to the final three games, my family is going, but will leave me here to take care of everything. That suits me fine. I can handle about one baseball game a month. Good sport for listening to on the radio, though. We have some kittens whose mother is ill, and so we've had to take care of them. I've been taking the day shifts, and my parents the night, but if they go to Omaha to watch the final games, I'll have to care for the kittens myself. And it's litter box training time. Life will be interesting.

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