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Autocross event on the 25th - Equiraptor's Journal
Autocross event on the 25th
nugget posted about this last night, after we arrived home, but I figured I'd post about it for those of you who don't have him on your friends list. Rita completely missed both us and the site of the autocross, as well as all of the roads in between, so the autocross was still held yesterday. A few things were... different... than normal. There were a number of trailers parked on the lot - rather large trailers for hauling around racing/show cars. Normally, there's about two or three on the lot. Yesterday, there were at least ten, the normal two or three at the very back, out of the way, at least five between our pit area and the track, and two, maybe three scattered in the course. The five between our pit and the course were actually right where the start, finish, and timing trailer normally are, so the course had to be adjusted. Some adjustments were made before the first runs, but they were unsatisfied with the course, so more adjustments were made before the afternoon runs. It was a course of tight corners and long straits, with a slalom that I found very enjoyable.

My tires did not enjoy the heat. I don't have one of the spray bottles of water, yet, but I'm strongly considering one. On each subsequent run, the tires became more and more slippery. Between the supercharger (my first autocross with it), the worn tires, and the heat, the car got very loose by my last run. A straitaway early in the course became a fish-tail line for me. I managed to get it back together just in time to brake for the slight left followed by a very hard right into the slalom. And then I had to back off the accelerator some through the slalom as the car tried to oversteer on me even more. The line into the finish was mostly straight, with just a very slight bend, which meant power on hard through the finish. My first three runs through there, I found myself backing off a bit, coming extremely close to the rev limiter in the Miata, so on the fourth run, I decided to shift into third. Even with the earlier antics in that run, it was still my fastest. Unfortunately, the heat got to me. After my time working the course, I could tell I was very close to heat stroke, so I sat out on the afternoon runs. I felt like the car, with its slippery tires, had a lot to teach me that day, and I'm very sad to have sat out the last section.

However, it's quite possibly good that I did sit out the end. On the drive home, at traffic speed on I-35 (something over 80mph), the coolant temperature started to climb. I'm not sure exactly where I need to worry with the setup in that car, so I slowed and managed to get the coolant temp to stabilize. Reports are that the outside temp was somewhere around 105-110 F yesterday, so it was an absolutely roasting day. Thankfully, we didn't have any people or cars become ill because of the heat. In the morning, my mother took pictures, and in the afternoon, I took over the task. All the pictures around the one corner are from me, sitting in the shade with water, trying to stay cool.
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