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Autocross Information - Equiraptor's Journal
Autocross Information
For those of you interested in the autocross on the 25th, I have a lot of information.

The event is put on by the Spokes group. Their site has a lot of good information on what to expect, what to do, and what to bring on race day. There is a $25 entry fee.

Spokes would appreciate it if we could register our cars before the day of the event. This helps things run smoothly. You'll need to create a login, and then add your car. The class and car number are the two most important fields on that form. If your car is stock, you can determine class using the lists either by make or by class. If you've modified your car, comment, and we'll help you determine the class. If you haven't autocrossed much before, or if it's been a while, you can register for either the novice class or your normal (Open) class, your choice. You must choose a selection from each drop down box. Next comes the number - Pick just about any two digit number you'd like. If the number is already in use, the registration will error. Once you have your class and number figured out, put in the description you want for the car, the color, and any other information you'd like.

After you add your car, register for the event. Everyone who races is expected to help out, as well. The default work assignment - "Course" is what we'll want. We'll basically just stand on the course, watching cars go by, making sure they stay on course and setting up any cones they knock over. Easy and a good way to get to know the course. Just click the yellow "register" next to your car.

The event will be held at San Antonio Raceway, a drag strip on I-10 somewhere between San Antonio and Seguin. At one point, there were directions on the site, but I've managed to lose them. Basically, heading into Seguin is the best way to get there. From Austin, head south on I-35. In San Marcos, take the exit for State road 123. Turn left onto 123 (which has about three other names, at that point), heading mostly south. You'll stay on this road through towns like Geronimo, until you reach Seguin. In Seguin, the road branches - there's a business section that goes through Seguin, and the bypass. It does not matter which segment you take - you're trying to reach I-10, and both get there. When you reach I-10, turn right, heading westbound. Stay on I-10 for a while. You'll take exit 597 for Santa Clara Road (very small exit onto a rough access road). You'll be able to see San Antonio Raceway, at this point, to the right of the road. Turn right on to the small, two lane road, and then turn right into the parking lot. The address is 3614 S SANTA CLARA RD, Marion, TX 78124. We're more than happy to caravan down there, as well.

To the event, you will want to bring your car, yourself, any witnesses you want (including cameras), lightweight clothes for warm weather, food (the event will run into the afternoon), and plenty of water. Tire pressure gauges and air pumps (battery powered) are good things to bring, if you have them. Most people autocross with a different tire pressure than they use on the road. But if you're just here for a fun day around the track, it's not a large concern. You'll also need a way to mark your numbers and class designation on your car. Painter's tape is very good for this. I'll bring some, but mine won't work for everyone - mine is the color of masking tape and won't show very well on silver cars. You can run by Wal-Mart and get a color better suited for your car, just make sure it's painter's tape, so it doesn't damage your paint. Bring a spray bottle and towel to clean off the side of your car - this helps the painter's tape stick.

Unles you already have a Spokes tech inspection from this year, you'll need to get your car inspected the morning of the event. It's just a quick rundown of the car to make sure your wheels are on well, you don't have any illegal items, etc. Rollbars/roll cages are not required for autocross - your car can run stock.

The car will need to be empty when you run, so bring something to hold all your items while you're on the course.

I'll post again, the week of race day, as a reminder and with a few more details on what the day will be like.


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nugget From: nugget Date: September 6th, 2005 03:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
OK, I'm registered. This means I've got a passenger seat open if anyone wants to come from Austin to spectate. I'll be bringing the video camera this time, but since I'll be driving and working the course as well it would be great to have some other folks on hand to also man the camera while I'm occupied.
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