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Personal Responsibility - Equiraptor's Journal
Personal Responsibility
There's been a bit in the local newspaper quite a bit recently. It's about a fraternity member who got drunk at a party, jumped into a shallow pool, and broke his neck. He's now in a wheelchair. He's suing the fraternity, saying they should have taken better measures to prevent this accident, and therefore are responsible.

He says that the fraternity members built this shallow pool without conforming to industry safety standards, while knowing there would be drinking at the party. The fraternity then forced him to drink, and his "big brother" within the fraternity even encouraged him to make the jump into the pool (Mentioned in a prior article). To him and his lawyers, this means the fraternity should pay him $2.7 million to cover a lifetime of medical bills.

And yet, Wes could have chosen not to drink, or he could have chosen to drink smaller amounts. No one forced him to drink, they encouraged him. Strongly, yes, but one can always say no! Then, as someone with Red Cross and lifeguard training, he chose to do a bellyflop into a shallow, temporary pool in an attempt to splash people. The pool was not required to meet industry safety standards because it was a temporary pool. But because the people who encouraged him to drink where frat members (and their girlfriends!), the pool was built by frat members, and the events occurred at a fraternity party, the fraternity is obviously responsible for one person's poor decisions.

Grow up, Wes. You made bad choices. Now, accept the consequences.


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