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WoW and Lame HTML - Equiraptor's Journal
WoW and Lame HTML
I have enough WoW characters that listing them all when someone asks is rather annoying. So, to save in typing I decided I'd create a web page with the list. An easy-enough to update format and easily linkable in any number of situations. Only I've done very little html and am lame about learning. Hey, I'm just trying to live up to the slackers!

So, I coded up a simple little web page with an html table. And borders. And viewed it in FireFox. What a beautiful table! It was perfect. I was happy. Until I tried it in IE. Ouch. Okay. Next came Konqueror (my non-Mac wanna-be Safari tester). Very much like IE. And finally Opera. Close to FireFox, but still not as nice. I internally grumbled, and mentioned the differences to a few people. Everyone told me the best way to fix it was with css. Someone suggested taking a screenshot and using that, and if the data didn't need such frequent updating, I just might have.

The problem here is, I've never made a border with CSS. I've never tried to configure a table with CSS. And I didn't want to actually have to do the work of learning something (Oh no!) to make this look decent in different browsers. But I gave in today and asked Google to help me learn. I used CSS to make solid borders, and now had IE's double border look in everything! I grumbled yet again, knowing there was a way to fix it, and yet again not wanting to do the work to figure it out. But boredom won, and I did. Border-collapse seems like a wonderful thing. And suddenly, the double borders were gone! Yay! But the borders were still flat and boring. They didn't have that curved look that the original table had in FireFox. A bit more reading, and I tried "ridge" instead of "solid" for the border type.

And so, the final result. Certainly nothing fancy, but I learned, and the information is there. I'm planning on taking screenshots of each character and linking them, as the Night Elf Equiraptor has. I'm considering a link from races, classes, and professions to the page about each on WorldofWarcraft.com, but I feel it might make it a little busy. If nothing else, this has been a good way to occupy me while long test cases run.

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paradox0220 From: paradox0220 Date: May 20th, 2005 02:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
Something I've been planning to do is update my webpage to include my talent builds for each character. That was my favorite part in Diablo II (when synergies got added) and is quite fun in WoW too. If you get really bored, you could make a link off of each character showing current talent build and planned build at level 60. BTW, thottbot.com is extremely handy in determining talent builds... just click your class and then the talents link.

When I first started playing, talents didn't seem to do much of anything. Now that I understand them a lot better, I see how important they are. I've agonized about where every single point would go on several of my characters. :) I'm quite happy with my arcane/fire crit mage... just wish I had 2 more talent points beyond what I'll have at level 60. :(

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