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Vroom - Equiraptor's Journal
Call me an addict...

I've never been really into computer games. When I first bought a computer, a friend introduced me to StarCraft, which was ok. It was a good diversion, but it didn't really hold my interest over the long term. Then, somehow I found my way to Disciples 2, which I loved. I spend a few months addicted to that game, beat every Saga, created some powerful leaders, then my life just got in the way, and I stopped playing real regularly.

A few months ago, nugget introduced me to Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. He let me drive some of his cars in a few online races, using his wheel. It was wonderful. The game's fairly old, so it's only $10, new, with the box, manuals, and everything. When I went to buy the game, I also bought a Logitech force feedback wheel.

Well, I'm addicted, and not only that, I was addicted, lost time for it for a bit, then made time to come back to the game. It's wonderful. The "evolution" mode is fun, some nice races, but "factory driver" is where the game shines. It puts you, the driver, though your paces, with slaloms, spins, and races against other Porsche "factory drivers" (built into the game). It's a real challenge, and incredibly fun. :-)

I've never played any other Need for Speed, and though I've tried a few other driving games, none have made me feel the way NFS:PU does. Ahhhh, what an addiction.

Current Mood: happy happy
Current Music: Michael Martin Murphy - America's Horse

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