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Miatas and Computers... What else is there in life? - Equiraptor's Journal
Miatas and Computers... What else is there in life?
The Tejas Miata group had a drive this past Saturday, out to a drive-in movie theater is Gatesville. An MG club had scheduled a run to the same theater on the same day, but from a different area, so we didn't see them until in the theater.

The Austin Miata group was supposed to meet at 3:00pm at it's normal meeting place: the "NE" corner of 183 and 1431 in Cedar Park. Nugget and I didn't get there until about 3:10, and didn't see the group, so we figured they'd already left. Fortunately, there was a second meeting place, at 4:00pm, at a gas station in Briggs. This was also a typical meeting place for the Tejas Miata group, and we'd been there with them before, so Nugget and I took the Miata up there. I drove quickly, hoping to catch the group. We finally made it to the second meeting place (a little before 3:30) and saw absolutely no one else. Well, at least no other Miatas. We stuck around for a few minutes, but then decided we had mis-read the instructions, and turned back. Right as we entered 183, we saw Barry, the run leader, in his Laguna Blue Miata. A quick U-turn on 183, and we were back in the gas station. Heh... Miatas are good at U-turns.

We talk with Barry and his son for a bit, and another group shows up... a red 240SX, a silver late-model Mustang, and an Ivory 300ZX. Ummm, ok, so now we're two Miatas and three non-Miatas? That can't be the run... We wait for a bit, hoping Nugget and I had managed to miss the Austin group, and low and behold, right at 4:00pm, about 9 Miatas and Dodge Stratus show up. We got ready for the run. After the routes were explained to the drivers, we learned that the Stratus was not intended to be part of the run. It was going to be left in Briggs, and picked up later. But the route made that highly impractical, so, for our run, we were ~11 Miatas, two Nissans, a Ford, and a Dodge.

The Miatas on the run included a 10AE, my 94M, and Dan's Ubercharger test car. It was a great run, through beautiful, small, twisty roads, up to a good, but slow restaurant in Briggs, and out to the theater. We arrived at the theater early and got very good spots. Two Triumphs showed up after a while, and finally a set of 4 or 5 MG's arrived. One interesting note: It took two Triumphs and an MGB to fill the space of two pickup trucks, with similar sized padding around each vehicle. Those cars really are tiny.

Eventually, darkness settled over the theater, and the previews started. After the previews, during the beginning of The Day After Tomorrow, some people came and sat behind us, and some came and sat in front of us. You'd think they could have done this during the previews, at least. The Day After Tomorrow was okay... Good special effects, what felt like an incomplete look at the weather phenomena, and an okay storyline. Shrek 2 was the second movie shown that day, and Nugget and I were one of the few Miatas to stick around. The movie had its entertaining moments, and it did manage to keep me awake, but it was not a great movie. Though maybe I was just distracted by the kids behind us who seemed incapable of staying quiet.

So, for the rest of the weekend, and into this week. Im doing a test. A very imprecise test, pitting FreeBSD against Gentoo Linux. Gentoo has been running my desktop for over two years now, but FreeBSD impressed me, both on the server and the laptop, so I thought I'd give it a try. I used my current Gentoo install, and added a FreeBSD install on recently added hard drive. A full review will come later, once I've had some time using each system.

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decibel45 From: decibel45 Date: June 16th, 2004 01:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
Miatas and Computers... What else is there in life?

Uhh... this!

And yay FreeBSD!
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