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School's out for the summer! Or, actually, school's just out.… - Equiraptor's Journal
School's out for the summer! Or, actually, school's just out. Overwith. Done for. Graduation is on July 10th, 3:00pm, in the LBJ Auditorium on UT campus (weeee, don't we think we're special).

So, I've taken my school hard drive (40G Western Digital), and placed it in my desktop, in place of the 1.2G Western Digital that was my second drive for a while. The box is a little quieter, at least at times, which makes nugget happier, and I know have a total of 120G in there. There's a Windows 2000 Server install on the 40G which I don't plan on touching, but it should only be using 2-4G (I haven't checked yet), so there's still plenty of space. I'm thinking of doing a FreeBSD install and playing around... Tweaking it, seeing how much I can break, how much will stay fine, and how it compares to Gentoo installed on *almost* the same hardware (the two WD drives may have different RPMs, and the Gentoo install is behind a 40G Windows install). Hrm... If I write up a detailed report, think I could make Slashdot?

My birthday is tomorrow! Well, basically tomorrow, since it's past midnight here. Thursday the tenth. I was born at 10:21pm on Thursday, June 10th, 1982. I weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces, and was 21.5 inches long. This is all on a needle point on display in my room at my parents' house... I guess it's still my room. The only changes from when I was there are it's cleaner, and guests sleep there.

I've become rather fond of two XBox games... It's all Nugget's fault. Knights of the Old Republic and Project Gotham Racing 2 seem to have me hooked. I'm about to finish my fourth time through KotOR.

A while ago, I had compiled a 2.6 kernel for my Gentoo desktop, but I had yet to actually boot it. I figured since I was taking the box down for the hard drive install tonight, I might as well try that new kernel. It's booted fine, and everything seems to be running well. In fact, many things are running much more smoothly. From a general, soft feel perspective, the 2.6 kernel (Gentoo's 2.6.5-r1) is running much smoother than the 2.4 kernel (Gentoo's 2.4.25-r3). Neither has the preemptable kernel option on, but my actions in Enlightenment are less strongly affected by the compiles with the 2.6 kernel. Even Flash seems to run faster, though it can still slow down Firefox. It's pretty nice.

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