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Ooops. - Equiraptor's Journal
I knew it was going to rain today, but I didn't know exactly when. So, before heading out to work, I checked the radar images at weather.com. They made it appear as though I could make it to work before the rain hit. The top was already down on the Miata, so I started my drive in. It starts to sprinkle just a little, but that's no problem. The light rain just flies over the top of the car.

Then, just after crossing under 45th street on Mopac, a downpour starts. Buckets of water start falling. And traffic is now moving at 20mph. The top of my head is getting soaked, and the inside of the car is getting a little wet. Whoops. I head strait to the exit lane for 35th and find a spot on the exit ramps that was very visible and wide enough for me to stop for a bit. I run out and throw the top up.

In this process, my steering wheel, rear view mirror, and head were soaked. The rest of the car was basically just a little wet. I'll need to clean my rear view mirror and possibly the steering wheel at some point in the near future. In the mean time, I sit waiting to dry, and waiting for a chance to air-out the car.
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