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Someone doesn't know the difference between a dog and a horse.… - Equiraptor's Journal
Someone doesn't know the difference between a dog and a horse.

Today was the Mazda Rev it Up event in Houston. It was at Gulf Greyhound Park, and since deebs is a native of Houston, nugget asked him for directions. He gave us wonderful directions to Sam Houston Race Park which is Thoroughbred racing. Now, I understand thoroughbred can refer to any purebred, but Thoroughbred (capital T) is typically understood to mean the breed of horse derived from a combination of Draft and Arabian bloodlines. But, well, not everyone is as obsessed with horses as me, and a race track is a race track... But the Sam Houston and Gulf Greyhound parks are basically on opposite sides of Houston. After we discovered the mix up, Nugget called a few people to get accurate directions. Greg didn't recognize Nugget's mobile number, and Googled it before he called back. By that time, Nugget already had directions from paulfollowell. Thanks to the effort of friends, we made it to the dog track with time to spare, and managed to enjoy the day. I didn't like the race course. I couldn't seem to avoid that one cone, so I kept getting terrible times. But, we also got a chance to drive the manual RX-8 and Mazdaspeed Miata on a short test course. We didn't get to go very fast, but we did get to corner. The RX-8 was fine, but the Mazdaspeed Miata was wonderful. I want one. A dark silver one (they only come in dark silver or red). Zoom-Zoom.

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