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A set of dreams... - Equiraptor's Journal — LiveJournal
A set of dreams...
I used to have this recurring dream. The last time I had it, I was a junior in high school, so it's been about four years (I think, I'm not doing the math). There's quite a bit to it, so I'm putting it behind an LJ cut.

The first one of these dreams started with me in a pure white, circular room. There was a hallway off to one side that connected to the room like a tangent to a circle. It was light in the room. Not bright light, a comfortable amount. People would walk up and down the hallway. They were all in white robes. Some would carry clipboards and the like with them, some were empty handed. The acted like they didn't know the room was there, they'd walk right by. I went and walked some in the hallway, and the people ignored me, too. They never walked through me... but there never seemed to be one going my direction anyway. I walked down the hall as far as I could stand in one direction, and the hall never changed. It only got darker as I went further from the room. Eventually, I turned around and went back. I started walking down the hallway the other direction, and not far down it, I found what seemed to be the door to a little crawlspace. I opened the door, and peered through. Right there, in front of me, was the alter of a church. A nice, traditional looking Catholic alter. Ummm... ok. I was sure I was not supposed to be there, so I turned around and went back. I made it back to my room, and the dream ended.

I don't remember specific other dreams, but I remember details that were added. First, I found the courage to go out into the church when no one was there. I explored, and thought it was ok, but way to fancy and religiousy for me. Once, after I opened the almost-hidden door, I found a wedding going on in the church. It was the only time there were ever people there. I'd always return to my room after looking at the church. I'd walk up and down the halls in various directions, hoping to find something else, but I never did. There came to be pillars in the round room. They stuck out from the walls - it was very odd. In a later dream, the lower part of the walls (up to about 5 feet) was flush with the innermost edge of the pillars, and above that the wall was back to its normal place, behind the pillars. Finally, in a later dream, I was able to see that there was something in the space made by that gap in the walls. I managed to climb into it, and found seating, like in a theater. All the cloth and carpet was maroon, and the metal parts of the chairs were black. There weren't any fancy patterns. The back of the wall that would have been hidden was maroon, but the upper part was white.

Once, I walked down the hallway that didn't have the hidden door over twice the distance I ever had before. I finally found myself in a parking garage, only there wasn't really any way in or out. The walls all had that style of brick where there are little gaps you can see through. There was only one car. It was on the other side of the lot. I didn't look at it much. I found my way to a fountain. It was set into the wall of the parking garage, so I could wade through the fountain to get out. I found a guy out there, and I took him in the garage, through the hallway, and showed him my room. At that, the dream ended, and I've never had it since.

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