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Trip Report - Equiraptor's Journal
Trip Report
Ahhh, the trip to get the Miata.

We started at around 4pm on the first. We drove up to Dallas and took the North Dallas Tollway to Frisco. There's a Steak n Shake on the main road there, so we met my aunt and cousin for dinner. Mmmmm, Steak n Shake. nugget met all of my cousin's critters before we went to bed that night.

The next morning, we were up and on the road before the sun came up. We managed to make it to Birmingham by late afternoon, and dropped in on Nugget's old workplace. After a visit there, we went to Ed's for the night. He made some incredible steaks. Saturday morning we left for the Atlanta area somewhere around 9:00. Nugget really seemed to enjoy driving with the aggressive drivers in Atlanta. It was entertaining. We arrived at the home of the previous owner of the Miata somewhere around lunchtime. We took the car for a drive, and had a few doubts, but I decided this was the car anyway. Nothing severely wrong with it, but it will need new tires and suspension and an alignment pretty soon.

After a nasty drive down Peachtree due to construction, we got lost in Lenox mall, and finally managed to meet Nugget's step sister for what was supposed to be a late lunch, but was now dinner. We ate and talked and talked and ate, and it was a very pleasant experience. Nugget and I then headed out, planning to drive until we could drive no more. On the way, I figured out how to use the cruise control, set the clock, program radio stations, and use the mp3 player Nugget's letting me borrow. I was also pulled over my a member of the "Interstate Crime Unit" of the Pearl Police in Mississippi. His first question was asking to see my driver's license, and the second was asking why the car in front of me stopped as well. I told him we drove out to Georgia to buy the Miata I'm driving, and we're on our way back to Texas. He asked to see all the paperwork, and I showed him. He decided it was all legal enough, and walked back to his car, seemingly disappointed. I think he was hoping to catch two car thieves. :) We finally crashed at sometime around 3:30am in Monroe, Louisiana. Up the next morning around 8:30, and drove home.

One thing I can say already: Miatas have better traction in rain than first and second generation Camrys. One of the warnings everyone gave me was "O, that car's so light, you'll slip everywhere in the rain." Well, with rather worn tires, it slipped less at 65 on the freeway than a first or second generation Camry would have slipped at 60. I definitely feel safer in the Miata.

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equiraptor From: equiraptor Date: January 5th, 2004 04:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
O, yeah, pics from the trip are here.
odd97 From: odd97 Date: January 6th, 2004 10:39 am (UTC) (Link)

I'm SO jealous

My Saturn, Sadie, just can't hold a candle to the awesomeness of a Miata.

I want a ride in her next time I get down to TX!
busychild424 From: busychild424 Date: January 21st, 2004 04:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
NEAT! You took a road trip to get your Miata scant days before I did the same! I drove from Wichita to Paducah, KY to get mine on the 12th-14th. Cool! Mine's a 90 with 180k on the chassis but only 60k on the motor.
equiraptor From: equiraptor Date: January 21st, 2004 04:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
About how many miles was your trip? Our round trip distance was 2,123 miles, if I remember correctly. It was something a little over 2,000 miles. My family still thinks I'm crazy.
busychild424 From: busychild424 Date: January 21st, 2004 05:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
Your trip was definitely longer - I think ours ended up around 1400.
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